The Journey Begins

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

In my first post in what I hope is an extended journal of our plans and preparations for our year abroad with school age children, I wish to lay the groundwork for how we will plan fiscally, mentally, geographically, and educationally for our 2027 world tour.

Chelsey and I have always been avid travelers. With a decent amount of countries under our belts, mostly on a shoestring budget, we would like to consider ourselves veteran travelers. We have had our fair share of mistakes. There have been times when we purposely cheaped out on hotels and lucked out less than I would like to admit. We have forgot to book in advance only to find a major pilgrimage in left all rooms booked. There have been times when we didn’t buy the right train ticket and had to bribe the conductor.

Young children have made extended travel plans difficult. This is how we plan to actualize our biggest adventure yet.

A little about our family

I would like to consider myself a passionate educator. My pedagogy relies on practical, relevant, industry standard material. I am currently the electrical teacher at a progressive career pathways school in the public system. I currently hold a bachelor of Education and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. While my wife is an excellent planner and organizer she will no doubt be the brains and brawn of the entire endeavor. My strengths will be in producing meaningful and creative curriculum for our two children who at the time of writing this are 1 and 4 years old. In 2027 during our year abroad they will be 12 and 9.

Our biggest hurdle will be shuffling our finances and spending to be able to afford such a trip. At the moment Chelsey has just gone back to work after a 13 month maternity leave with our youngest daughter. Although we are grateful for the generous Canadian maternity leave, employment insurance during that time has made finances tight. We are currently perusing different investment strategies, points based credit cards, and travel hacks that will provide some tips on how to plan for an adventure with children.

The 2019 Plan (or lack there of)

There have been a few ideas of where we want to go in 8 years. We are looking at the most cost effective ways to go about this. Our daughters are in a french based daycare, so…. we are likely going to make a stop in France (maybe).

This is really as far as we have gotten.