Fall Harvest

Both of our hives produced roughly 100lbs of honey for a net total of 204lbs this year. That is a huge increase from year two when I only got 35lbs.

Extracting both hives took most of the day. We do not have a fume board so we had to pull frames one by one and brush the bees off each frame. That process took about two hours to clear off and inspect three 9 frame boxes. I did find an entire frame of brood up in my honey supers so my queen was doing a little bit of traveling where she didn’t have a passport. The brood covered most of the frame so I swapped it out for a less than ideal frame in the brood chambers.

We borrowed the four frame extractor from the local bee club. The extractor was a basket type extractor and required that you spin for a while and then flip the frames to get the other side. This including cleanup took almost until 4 hours.

We now have 204lbs of honey in containers with the appropriate “legal” labeling to sell honey in our province, and I have sold over half the honey I plan to sell by the end of October.

Next up rendering the Wax.