Making a SCOBY:(in a cold climate)

Cold Climate Kombucha When I first started researching how to brew my own Kombucha I realized that the current temperature that we keep our house at in the winter is about 2°C colder than the recommended brewing temperature. It would be very difficult to get the SCOBY to produce the reccommended 1/4″ SCOBY mother. Not Read More


Basic Kombucha recipe that we are going to use to eventually turn into Jun Tea. Includes recipe ratios and information on water quality

Fermentation Fanatic

It didn’t take long to become a fermentation fanatic. In November I had some deeply caramelized honey. When I was trying to remove the wax capping from the fall honey harvest I used the oven to melt the wax through a cheese cloth. This removes all the debris and renders the wax usable for things Read More