Less Trips and More Debt

Lack of travelling during COVID 19

It has been a difficult year for everyone. It seems everyone will be travelling less and as a whole we will be carrying more debt. The world is stuck inside and I can only hope that the silver lining to the pandemic is the reports of nature reclaiming spaces and smog lifting across the globe. Among the massive layoffs and lost jobs, I assume the tourism industry has been absolutely decimated by Covid. Government bailouts will help many businesses but how do many tourist based businesses recover. I assume that we will be paying for these bailout with our tax dollars for years to come.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe this is the time to bail out people and small businesses. When the economy is back and running we will need to increase taxes to pay this off the debt so that if it happens again we can continue to offer financial support. The downfall of these necessary policies will mean that we may have less frivolous spending money. The industries that will continue to suffer will be tourism and the service industry.

Tough Decisions

We recently have had to cancel two trips this spring, the first being to China, which seems quite obvious, and the second to Vancouver Island. Both trips downfalls were not just because of uncertainty with the airlines, the irresponsibility of travelling during a pandemic, but because of financial reasons as well. With the uncertainty in the stock markets and the uncertainty of our jobs, it will be difficult to make the choice to spend rather than save. As of writing this (April 11, 2020) I believe that the current rally in the markets is a dead cat bouncing, a pure reaction to the insane drops we saw weeks earlier. When the real numbers come out is when we will see the real devastation. Again, less money in pockets means less money spent on things other than food and shelter.

I hope that I am wrong, but until we know for sure it looks like the only trips I will be taking is to go see my honey bees in the valley.