6 Ways to Keep Bees Away From Your Hummingbird Feeders

Do you love bees, but also birds? Here is an article about how to protect the delicate hummingbird from bee attacks around hummingbird feeders. I have never tried these ideas, mostly because I hadn’t observed bees around our hummingbird feeder. For beekeepers this would be a great article to use or maybe share with neighbors. You wouldn’t want a honey super filled with sugar water from a nearby feeder. Not only would this be unethical to sell as honey but it also likely wouldn’t taste good. From another standpoint hummingbird food is much more diluted than the 2:1 or 1:1 syrup we feed bees. It would likely take a lot of time and resources to dehydrate the hummingbird water. Click the link to learn more!


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