Cork Clad Hives: a natural insulator

Cork Beehive

Cork beehive
Cork Hive from

I Just came across this link on twitter. It lead me to a very interesting website. Cork hives sound like great way to insulate hives and could likely be an option to keep on all year long. The website above claims that the cork provides the insulation of 4″ boards. It would be interesting to see how this would work when the temperature reaches -30C. Here is a look at how we currently are putting our bees away for winter.

I am not affiliated or profiting off this website. I just thought it looked interesting and was wondering what other thought about this. The box design works with ordinary Langstroth hives. One other interesting feature is that they rough up the inside of the box. They claim that it increases propolis production in the hive which results in healther bees.