Spring Honey Harvest!

Brushing the Bees no more This was the first time that I have enough honey to harvest in July. This was a very exciting time. To date I have not liked brushing the bees of every frame of the honey super in order to take the box off the hive. It is a very tedious Read More

Fall Harvest

Both of our hives produced roughly 100lbs of honey for a net total of 204lbs this year. That is a huge increase from year two when I only got 35lbs. Extracting both hives took most of the day. We do not have a fume board so we had to pull frames one by one and Read More

Spring Buzz

The bees did what i would have thought impossible. After a month and a half of -40 C two hives look extremely strong (like 9 out of 10) and my walk away split from last year will likely make it. What incredible creatures! The day i checked on them it was below 10 C so Read More