Cork Clad Hives: a natural insulator I Just came across this link on twitter. It lead me to a very interesting website. Cork hives sound like great way to insulate hives and could likely be an option to keep on all year long. The website above claims that the cork provides the insulation of 4″ boards. It would be interesting Read More

Honeyland: From a Hobbyist Beekeeping perspective

If you have been beekeeping on a small scale for a few years Honeyland may change your perspective. The movie is shot in the “fly on the wall” perspective or should I say “bee on the wall.” The dialogue is organic, the cinematography is outstanding, but the true beauty is how Hatidže Muratova interacts with Read More

How to Make a Telescoping Hive Cover: With building plans

Sure you could buy a Telescoping Hive Cover off of a site like Mann Lake for a pretty penny. Or you could build it yourself and save a ton of cash! These Instructions will guide you through the process and provide building plans and dimensions

6 Ways to Keep Bees Away From Your Hummingbird Feeders

Do you love bees, but also birds? Here is an article about how to protect the delicate hummingbird from bee attacks around hummingbird feeders. I have never tried these ideas, mostly because I hadn’t observed bees around our hummingbird feeder. For beekeepers this would be a great article to use or maybe share with neighbors. Read More

Wintering Bees in the Cold Parts of Canada

(which is almost everywhere) Image by Claude Mondestin from Pixabay Wintering bees in cold climates can be one of the most challenging parts of beekeeping. I am here to share what I have learned, which could be drastically different from what you have. I am taking the vast majority of my information from “Beekeeping in Read More