Honeybee venom can kill aggressive breast cancer cells: study

https://nypost.com/2020/09/01/honeybee-venom-can-kill-aggressive-breast-cancer-cells-study/ This is an interesting new study that has shown how bee venom in mice has been shown to be effective at shrinking certain types of (triple-negative) breast cancer. Click the link above or watch the video below to learn more. (These are all outside links and I have no affiliation with the research or Read More

Cork Clad Hives: a natural insulator

https://www.corkhives.com/bee-friendly.html I Just came across this link on twitter. It lead me to a very interesting website. Cork hives sound like great way to insulate hives and could likely be an option to keep on all year long. The website above claims that the cork provides the insulation of 4″ boards. It would be interesting Read More

Chemists Find Biologically Active Sugar in Honey of Stingless Bees | Biology, Chemistry

Scientists have found some interesting biology in the honey of stingless bees. Stingless bees are similar in many ways to the typical honey bee (Apis mellifera Linnaeus). Often labeled melipona honey, some describe it as the sweetest most extrordinary liquid on the planet. That is a bold statement. It seems like the demand for stingless Read More

Predicting honeybee swarming by listening to the sounds made by a queen bee

https://phys.org/news/2020-06-honeybee-swarming-queen-bee.html Biologists have found a way to listen to the sounds in the hive to determine when a queen is preparing to swarm. Swarming is common behaviour in honey bees. It is the way that bees expand their numbers. When a hive feels that it is running out of space the queen prepares to leave Read More

Build your own native beehive

This is pretty cool! If you want to actually help the bees then why not build your own native beehive? Native bees are superior pollinators to honey bees because they have evolved to live and pollinate in the ecosystem they are currently in. The thing about most native bees is that they live alone. Most Read More